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Quality, Select Corals! Our corals are hand-selected and are of the highest quality and health and color. Browes our WYSIWYG catagory and be assured you will get what you see!


Located in Fort Worth Texas, the new facility of Select Corals is comprised of several high tech systems to ensure only the healthiest of corals, both farmed and acclimated from the wild.

100% sustainable, quality corals.

Select Corals receives only the finest coral shipments from contacts acquired directly from Mr. Chong’s travels to the Pacific. Combined with the decade plus of well established high end frags grown into beautiful colonies and you have something really special here! Select Corals can supply the demands of both those who wish for full fledged colonies down to the small frags cut from years old home grown corals. We have it all or can get it for you!



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